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One question that I am always asked is “How did you learn to do this?”  There is a bit of a story to it so here it is- 

I was born in 1972(now you know how old I am) and grew up in Cheshire,CT.   I grew up on a small farm.  My father was very involved in raising horses and for a few years we raised pigs and sheep.  My first woodworking experience was building a post and beam barn with my father when I was 16.  My father did not have any formal woodworking experience (that might be the second most asked question).  My dad worked for the phone company in New Haven.  But, he read a few books on how to build a post and beam barn and we got it built.   Through high school and college I did some light carpentry work, building a few decks and a shed addition to the barn.  I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Marine Biology.  During my undergrad years, I worked at a science center on the coastline of New Hampshire.  Upon graduation, I moved to Boston and started an internship that then moved into a temporary position as an aquarist at the New England Aquarium.  I was looking for full time employment and had two job offers.  One job was at a major aquarium in another large city and the other was to go work for Cornell at a Marine lab on an island in the Gulf of Maine.   I was not a fan of city life so off to the marine lab I went.  My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) has a relative who went to the North Bennett Street School in Boston.  I saw what he was doing, learned about the school, and decided to make an early career jump.  I was able to get into the school rather quickly and spent the next two years totally immersed in period furniture.  After graduating, I worked for a furniture maker in CT and I also worked for a nationally known antique dealer in CT doing all his repair and replication work.  My goal in starting as a woodworker was to be self employed and run my own shop.   My wife and I purchased a home in Canton, CT that had an old apple storage barn on the property.  I re-built that barn and turned it into my shop.  As a custom furniture maker, the projects that I work on can vary greatly from antique repair and restoration, period furniture reproduction, modern furniture, custom designed pieces to my own design work.  I am fortunate to be able to do what I love and am passionate about.

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